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About the Design Lab

The Design Lab is conceived to foster experimentation, support creative processes and inspire students.  It is a space that promotes constant exchange between students and supports teaching and research.


Where we work

The Design Lab is a creative space that can be used in many ways. The aim is to encourage creativity and new ways of thinking. Depending on requirements, the furniture can be used for lectures, seminars, presentations, talks or workshops. The tables and chairs/stools can be moved around, a sofa corner provides options to retreat for meetings and brainstorming sessions. There is also sufficient space for creative processes and visualisation with a 9-metre-long magnetic whiteboard and technical equipment. Various materials and visualisation options help with creative work.


What we work with

The Design Lab is equipped with both digital and analogue tools. Digital workstations including graphic tablets and VR headsets, as well as a large TV monitor are available. There are also various visualisation surfaces (wall and paper) and corresponding pens.