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The Design Team

The core team consists of Prof. Katja M. Becker, Thomas Kollakowsky and Tatjana Jessen. Depending on the nature of the respective projects and courses, both student and research assistants support the core team.

Prof. Katja M. Becker

Professor of Media and Interface Design

Katja M. Becker has been Professor of Media and Interface Design at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences since 2017. She combines her expertise in methodical interdisciplinary-creative thinking with many years of professional experience in communication design.


Thomas Kollakowsky

Research Assistant

Thomas Kollakowsky is assistant in research and education. He is also part of the computer graphics laboratory.

Tatjana Jessen

Research Assistant

Tatjana Jessen is assistant in research and education with focus on web design, image design and organisation of the Bachelor degree programme.

Nicole Vögele

Bachelor Research Student

Katrin Wutzke

Bachelor Research Student


  • Christian Böttger, Research Assistant (Curriculum 4.0)

  • Tobias Held, Research Assistant (Curriculum 4.0)

  • Tanja Godlewsky, Research Assistant (Urban Xtopias)

  • Alessandro Wawer, Master Research Student

  • Veronika Bremm, Bachelor Research Student

  • Jan Freienstein, Bachelor Research Student

  • Judith Humkamp, Bachelor Research Student

  • Dominik Kurek, Bachelor Research Student

  • Alison Kurz, Bachelor Research Student

  • Nicole Pilarski, Bachelor Research Student (Urban Xtpoias)

  • Tristan Steingen-Gerads, Bachelor Research Student